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We feel there are a few key elements that are required for success.


Whether you are a customer, a business partner or an agency partner we stress the importance of ensuring that our team is communicating properly on a consistent basis.


Relationship building is vital to our success and everyone we serve is important. We truly appreciate each participant that goes along with us on this journey and every connection we make brings us closer to our goals.


We take great pride in the people that make up employU. Our family has the passion that drives us to get up early and leave late. We live for the wins and we revel in overcoming the challenges. Our work stays in our minds throughout the days and the nights.

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Retailers Capitalize on Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Models gather backstage for the Runway of Dreams runway show, Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018, during Fashion Week in New York. The runway show featured models with disabilities wearing adaptive clothing for children and adults. Photo Courtesy of Kevin Hagen / AP

Americans with disabilities make up the third largest market segment behind African-Americans and Hispanics, in terms of disposable income. Retailers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Zappos, Niki, and Target are recognizing that and developing clothing Continue reading

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How Mentorship & Creativity Help Neurodiverse People Find Fulfilling Jobs

Unemployment have been holding steady at 3.7% across the country. This environment has led to many employers to think outside of the box to get their positions filled. Some have even gone to a first come, first serve hiring. This rosy picture has been tainted a bit lately with the fact income levels have not been keeping pace.

The economic boom has put millions of people back to work and economists are now saying that Continue reading

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Having a Disability Shouldn’t Mean You Can’t Work

Here are Robert and Matt working on their on-the-job training (OJT) at Daily Bread in Melbourne, FL.

Robert and Matt assembled 35 comfort bags for the folks at Daily Bread in Melbourne, FL as part of their on the job training program. The bags consisted of new socks, shoelaces, combs, toothbrush and toothpaste, water, soup, applesauce, poptarts, gum, razors, lotion, writing pens, notebooks and facial wipes plus a handwritten card. Matt continued the next day Continue reading

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