HR Professionals Attend Workshop To Build a Better Neurodiverse Workforce

More than 100 HR professionals attended a workshop at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Mount Washington, MD. The purpose of the workshop was to build a neurodiverse workplace.

Ed is a client working with employU at Centerline Utilities as an Engineering Technician in Palm City. It has taken Ed many years to get to the point where he felt he was ready for gainful employment again. Today, Ed works with a project management team reviewing blueprints and developing solutions to construction issues for the company. He has over 20 years of experience with valuable insight, and is admired and respected by his peers and supervisors. The On The Job Training through employU has given Ed a second chance at a career. He feels valued and appreciated which has increased his confidence. We believe that Centerline will find Ed so valuable, and they will keep him permanently!

These are the kind of success stories that you can come to see with a neurodiverse workforce.

Some of the people with autism are some of the most diligent workers any business can have. One employer hired a girl with autism to help out with administrative tasks. After a few months of checking his work, she found out it was flawless and backed off. Just a word of caution. If you hire a person with autism and they demonstrate being accurate and focused, be careful that your “small talk” does not crossover into gossip which becomes bullying. This should not be tolerated in creating and nurturing a neurodiverse work environment.

In an environment where there are historically low unemployment rates, businesses should be doing everything they can to encourage the skills and abilities of individuals who are different from them. Focus on the job performance, such as any advanced technical ability and problem solving skills.


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