Vocational Evaluation services are designed to help individuals explore work interests, determine aptitudes and skills, and formulate career plans. A Vocational Evaluation is an individualized, timely, and systematic process by which a person seeking employment, with an evaluator, learns to identify and develop employment goals. A Vocational Evaluation utilizes work, either real or simulated, as the focal point for the assessment. In addition, it incorporates medical, psychological, social, cultural, and economic data as well as vocational exploration into the process for the sole purpose of assisting individuals with developing their vocational pursuits. Our Vocational Evaluators are trained professionals with a Masters or PHD in their profession. They are personable and dedicated to guiding you through the process in a relaxed environment. Results are solidly backed up by the customer’s demonstrated performance. employU’s Evaluators provide clear and concise reports with upfront occupational recommendations. Once a referral is received we will attempt contact with the customer within 24 hours and our goal is to provide a completed report within 10 working days of the meeting.

Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation

During this type of evaluation the individual is assessed through a series of achievement, aptitude, tolerance, dexterity and interests tests that typically take place within one day of testing. Some of the tools used include the Beta IV, Strong Interest Survey, Career Decision Making System, PICS and WRAT 4. All of the testing is designed to determine options that lead to an accurate job goal.

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Community Based Evaluation

This type of evaluation includes 1 day of testing as is done with the Comprehensible Vocational Evaluation and then one day out in the field with the evaluator. employU’s Vocational Evaluator will accompany the participant to businesses that have jobs which match the vocational interest derived from the testing. Together they will observe workers who are currently performing a job in that career. They discuss the job duties with the employee, a typical schedule and the positives and negatives of the position. This process typically solidifies or eliminates vocational interests shown through the testing.

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Work-Site Assessment

During this type of assessment, individuals are evaluated in an employment setting using actual work to determine their assets and limitations. Typically the process takes place within a two day period and focuses on ones’ work behaviors, physical tolerance, and work habits. Information is also gathered through personal reports, work history, and observational data. At the end of the assessment period a formal report is written with the testing results along with a recommended plan that would give you all the tools and preparation to start or continue your career.

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