Our job readiness training consists of 20 hour sessions that include the following: Goal Setting- In this program our students learn about goal setting. They set goals in class and learn about being accountable to those goals. This is often a life changing lesson. Resume Building- Instructors teach what the purpose of a resume is and what employers look for. They also teach them how to add new experiences so that it can become stronger as their experience grows. Applications- Most applications are online and they are combined with long grueling assessments. If not done properly many employers will never see the application with human eyes. We provide tips and pointers on how to score well on those assessments to make sure each student is considered for their next job. Job Search- There is more than just the internet to search for jobs. In fact, the internet is one of the least effective ways people find employment. Our instructors will teach methods designed to not just get a job but to get the job you want. Interviewing- Our instructors spend the majority of time in class on interviewing skills and strategies. The majority of job seekers today do not spend the required time preparing and practicing interviewing skills and this can often result in prolonged periods of unemployment. In our Employment Training Class we explore customized answers to commonly asked interview questions each participant can practice. The class includes multiple mock interview sessions which are designed to simulate even the most stressful interview possibilities in efforts to prepare for real future interviews. Relationships- Our favorite part of the Employment Preparation Class is that we get to know our customers on a personal level. Once we form a mutual respect we find the process becomes much easier and allows us to predict behavior that we can plan for.