Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) Our partnership with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (A.P.D.) If you are a client that would benefit from additional services and meets certain criteria one could contact A.P.D. to inquire about receiving benefits. There is a “wait list” to receive services so it is advisable to add yourself to the list at an early age however now is the time to do it if you haven’t already. If you would like assistance with the application contact (link) us for help. Once on the wait list, some customers may receive benefits from employU even before they have been accepted through the EEP Program. If someone has already been through the VR process and is no longer a fit for your needs you may be eligible to receive no cost coaching services. If employed, support may be available to help maintain your current position. Once one is off the wait list a customer of A.P.D. will be assigned a Support Coordinator and one of their tasks is to provide assistance with what’s called your ibudget. This is a pool of funding that is determined by the individual’s needs. If it is determined that someone with an ibudget could benefit from job coaching, the Support Coordinator could assign the customer to employU for supported employment job coaching. The supported employment job coaching is designed to fix any issues that may be occurring on the job and/ or to improve skills, speed and confidence of the participant.  Often this support is all that is required to ensure   that this employment opportunity is going to be successful. American Dream Employment Network (ADEN) employU is partnered with ADEN to provide employment services to someone who is receiving benefits from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Supplemental Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). A person is able to make an income and still receive their benefits however there is a maximum amount they are able to make (See a benefits advisor). In cases where one feels they are capable of making more than what they would receive under the benefit and part- time employment we are here to help. If you are currently receiving benefits and would like to make more money than what SSI or SSDI allows employU may be able to assist you. This partnership provides a no cost employment service to help you obtain a new job or to give you support to improve your current employment status. We provide assistance with the job preparation and search process as well as the job coaching support in efforts to give you the confidence that you will succeed independent of your benefits. Also employment services are available to those who have lost their benefits within the last 90 days due to exceeding their maximum allowable income and would like coaching. This service is of no cost to the participant and the levels of service are customized to each individual.