There are many benefits of working with employU and its clients. When someone has engaged in services with employU  they are assigned a team of staff members. We are dedicated to work with our clients to prepare them for the employment by helping with resumes, applications and interview preparation. We also make sure that we build a relationship and get to know each individual that we work with. We understand what our client’s abilities and limitations are as well as what type of environment will be a good fit for their personality, job skills, and strengths. We are strategic with our job search to ensure that we match our clients with the right businesses so they are set up for success.

Our Goal

We do not provide just a service. We provide a way of helping people with disabilities not just find a job but to also provide a path to a meaningful career.

Once a client of employU’s is hired our staff provides an ongoing support strategy to ensure a high rate of job retention (85%). When you hire a someone engaged in employU’s service you are not just hiring an individual, you are hiring an experienced team. Our Employment Specialists are dedicated to making sure they maintain communication with both the employee and the employer. We maintain service for a minimum of 3-5 months depending on the customer’s needs. Job Coaching is available when requested and our coach will accompany your new hire through the orientation and training process. Not every company’s trainer is skilled or experienced to work with all types of personalities and abilities however our coaches are. They will learn the duties of the position as your trainer would like it done and teach it to our client in a manner they understand and can relate to best. The coach is available to work with the employee as much as needed and slowly tapers off service as the customer becomes more confident and independent in the tasks.