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employU’s employment services are designed to prepare each participant for the job seeking process and provide a high level of activity aimed towards obtaining employment in the right job fit.

Pre-Employment Training

Resume Building – Learn how to structure a resume that matches what employers are looking for. Submitting Applications – Overcome today’s challenges with applications and personality assessments. Find the Right Job – Learn multiple job search methods to find the right job. Interviewing Skills – Learn how to interview professionally and gain confidence in your presentation skills. Relationships – Walk away with valuable relationships with our staff and other students.

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Job Placement

Our staff of skilled and experienced Vocational Professionals have a passion to help you become employed in the right job. Each Employment Specialist networks and searches continuously for job openings that fit your customized needs. Our goal is to provide you multiple opportunities to present to hiring managers of companies that are in the provided radius of travel and that match your job goal. They work one on one working with you to ensure each customer has the greatest chance of success.

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Job Coaching

Once employed, our Employment Specialists and Job Coaches team up to offer you the required level of support. If requested, our coaches will accommodate you during the training period to ensure that you taught in a matter that fits how you process information. Our team will maintain consistent communication with both you and the supervisor in efforts to track progress and determine when hands-on attention is required. Support is maintained for the probationary period of 3-5 months depending on your needs.

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Supported Employment

For those that require more hands on assistance our entire staff of Employment Specialists and Job Coaches are experienced and certified to provide Supported Employment assistance. This means they are skilled in working with persons with all ability levels. A customized plan is created for each individual to ensure the proper supports are in place and that there is a blueprint for success. For those with the Medicaid Waiver iBudget program we are able to provide Extended Services with The Agency for Persons with Disabilities and provide continuity for long term coaching support

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Extended Job Coaching

If you are a client that would benefit from additional services and meets certain criteria one could contact A.P.D. to inquire about receiving benefits. There is a “wait list” to receive services so it is advisable to add yourself to the list at an early age however now is the time to do it if you haven’t already. If you would like assistance with the application contact (link) us for help.

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