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We feel there are a few key elements that are required for success.


Whether you are a customer, a business partner or an agency partner we stress the importance of ensuring that our team is communicating properly on a consistent basis.


Relationship building is vital to our success and everyone we serve is important. We truly appreciate each participant that goes along with us on this journey and every connection we make brings us closer to our goals.


We take great pride in the people that make up employU. Our family has the passion that drives us to get up early and leave late. We live for the wins and we revel in overcoming the challenges. Our work stays in our minds throughout the days and the nights.

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Transition Youth Services

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A Few of Our Partners and Friends

In honor of Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, I’m about to blow your mind by telling you about the most badass historical figure you never learned about in school. If you have heard of him, then you probably already know who I’m about to say. If you haven’t, you’re not going to believe that nobody ever told you about this guy. I’m talking about Robert Smalls.

Robert Smalls was born into slavery on a South Carolina plantation. Continue reading

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Creating an Optimal Learning Environment for Your Child with Autism

Having a basic understanding of autism can help parents and caregivers design both physical and social environments that can support children in their learning process. Below is a brief overview of some of the research about the brains of people with autism. Then you’ll find five easy and practical tips that you can use to create an optimal learning environment at home.

Autism Basics

Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder of brain functioning that is Continue reading

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Using Income Share Agreements to Pay for College

Are Income Share Agreements a good way to pay for college?

Casey Popp is a 22-year-old who needed to find additional funding to pay for college for his sophomore year. He had some scholarships and student loans as everyone else does. He also had a generous amount of financial support from his parents. However, during the economic downturn in 2008, his family’s finances took a major hit and he needed to find another way to Continue reading

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Special Diets Can Alleviate Autism Symptoms

In this book, Dr. Lewis explains how certain dietary restrictions can help relieve the symptoms of autism, ADHD, celiac disease, and other disorders.

According to the Autism Network, nearly one in five children with autism are on a special diet. Although, there is no cure for autism, but you can keep the symptoms under control with a special diet by removing certain proteins.  Experts suggest a gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diet which has the Continue reading

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