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We take great pride in the people that make up employU. Our family has the passion that drives us to get up early and leave late. We live for the wins and we revel in overcoming the challenges. Our work stays in our minds throughout the days and the nights.

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6 Recommendations Employers Should be Aware of When Managing Employees with ADHD

Many aspects of employment pose a challenge to people with ADHD. The characteristics of good performance at work include: good time management, ability to self-organize, good problem-solving ability, ability to concentrate, self-motivation, and the ability to delay gratification in the pursuit of long-term goals and rewards.

People with ADHD are impaired in the part of the brain that controls executive functions that enables us to perform effectively. People with ADHD have problems with occupational functioning. Continue reading

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Entrepreneurship is Creating Meaningful Jobs for People with Neurodiversity

Samuel Bier at work at Popcorn for the People.
Image Credit: Lara Stolman

Unemployment rate among people with neurodiversity is 80-90%. Most employers constantly pass on employing people with neurodiversity. However, in this tight labor market where there are more jobs than talent, employers are slowly turning the tide and becoming more receptive to people with autism and other disabilities.

That is where the parents of Sam came in. Sam is a high functioning 24-year-old Continue reading

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Four Ways Employers Can Support Neurodiversity at Work

With unemployment at historic lows, employers for the first time in history, have more jobs to fill than candidates to fill them. As a result, some companies are beginning to open their eyes to an untapped part of the labor market. That is those with neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity is a relatively new umbrella term that encompasses people who have dyslexia, autism, ADHD, dyspraxia and other neurological conditions. These are “spectrum” conditions, with a wide range of Continue reading

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Helping Young Adults with Neurodiversity Reach Their Full Potential

Young adults with neurodiversity, such as these students in a UCLA skills program, are successfully taught social interaction skills.

Some of the world’s most established companies are beginning to tap into the underutilized talent pool of young adults with autism.

Every year, at least 50,000 individuals with neurodiversity will enter adulthood, according to the advocacy organization Autism Speaks. Autism is a disorder that has a wide spectrum, which is why they call it the autism-spectrum Continue reading

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